England July 2008

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These are snapshots from our trip to England last year, I just wanted to share some of them. I still have more to edit, and even more from a trip to Prague. Can’t wait to finish them!

All images taken in the Birmingham – Wolverhampton – Walsall areas, and copyrighted to me.


New Years Eve Wedding!

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Gunn Sissel & Jostein.

This is the first wedding I’ve done, I learned a lot from it. I did some mistakes, as I knew I would… But I’m happy with the outcome and that the family liked the results. Click to view larger.

I could have uploaded a lot more, but this is it for now!

The Hideout Forum

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At the end of September 2008 I was browsing around Flickr, and one of the artists I regularly visit, Michelle Black, had taken some very interesting self-portraits for a challenge at The Hideout. I was so intrigued I had to register and take a closer look. Soon I was hooked, because the place is a total blast – friendly and qualified people in different fields of photography, support in the technical issues part, creative outlet in the color and black and white parts as well as the challenges. Interviews with talented and well known photographers, group chats and weekly themes are great ways to get to know people and get your creativeness flowing!  There’s always something going on there and someone to talk with if you have a problem, or just want to talk about your passion for photography.

The Hideout has made me push my boundaries and leave my comfort zone, only to discover that I can do more than I thought I could. It has made me more aware of the creative parts, communication with your subjects and all the unknown amazing artists that are on this forum. You never know what to find there when you log on, and that’s the beauty of the place. It’s in constant change, and that only to the better.

I can encurage everyone with an interest in photography to join, from amateur to professional. You’ll learn something either way.

The Hideout Forum

Happy New Year!

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Better early than late, I’m shooting a wedding tomorrow and then celebrating with friends, so this is my chance to wish you all a great and happy year to come. 2008 has been a great year for me, and I hope 2009 will be even better. I have plans of getting a website, a policy on things, get more organized, and most important be a better person.

Happy New Year, and thanks for the old one!



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Gorgeous model that just started out, it was on this shoot I lost my camera in the water. Borrowed my dad’s D2X on most of these shots!

Click to view larger!

How to save a camera that’s been under water

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This happened to me exacly a week ago. I slipped, and my camera fell into the water in a river-mouth, so it was a mixture of salt-and-fresh water. Having a dad that’s a photographer, he came in no time and took my camera to try save it.


  • First of all, take your battery out IMMEDIATELY. The salt in the water can destroy circuits, so this is vital. Taking out your memory card is also a good idea.
  • Then you have to get that salt out ASAP. This is done by drowning your camera in fresh-water, such as in your bathtub. Every inch of the camera should be drowned to be sure the salt gets out, so take off the lens, open the battery and memory card hatches, and everything else you can think of where water may have entered.
  • When you’re sure there’s no salt left (you can taste the water coming out of your camera), it’s time for the oven. Set it on 50 degrees Celsius (122 F) and put the camera in. It should stay in there for 48 hours. It’ll look dry in one day, but you need to make sure absolutely everything is completely dry.
  • Your battery will be flat, this is normal in this case. Recharge it, and when you are ready you can try starting the camera.

There’s a 90% chance that this will do it for you camera. If not, you should get it looked at by professionals.

Last but not least; I hope none of you will ever have to do this!

Give away!

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Jenna Nelson is giving away 5 sets of 5 cards to her blog readers. Visit her and you might be one of the lucky ones! All you have to do is link to her post in your blog, and give her your link under her post. Simple!